Product marketing has been riding the wave as an emerging trend among SaaS. The year 2020 disrupted all the industries around the world, but with the onset of 2021, things are gradually changing. Yet, gradually, the product marketers are focusing heavily on the growth of their SaaS products. 

The disruption caused by the pandemic in the year 2020 brought companies and businesses to a halt, but it offered a lot of opportunities to SaaS. With the major workforce working from home, the purchases and processes were shifted online.

The beginning of 2021 has brought about the growing importance of SaaS in almost all organizations.

This is where the concept of product marketing steps in. There are a lot of tools and resources available and if the marketers know the right strategy, they can position their product in the market successfully.

Let us look at the top ten SaaS product marketing trends for 2021.

Product-led strategy

With the traditional marketing of a product, the marketers were supposed to find the leads and sell the product. But with SaaS Product Marketing, this has changed. Here, the product-led strategy is of the core value and is supposed to add value to the marketing strategies around SaaS products.

The product, its growth, and the concerns it addresses are under the central focus. This way, the product is said to speak for itself and can sell itself well. The product teams are required to collect the feedback from the customers. This feedback can help them determine the latest feature set and benefits they can offer in the next version of the product.

Besides providing SaaS services, some SaaS Product development companies also provide the product-led strategy marketing services to their clients.

Niche SaaS

When it comes to very specific and focused requirements, businesses look for tools that can address the specificity of their issues. Moreover, all the tools and resources available in the market cannot address the specific issues.

The Niche SaaS can address these tiny, minute, and specific requirements of the organizations and businesses. The development of niche SaaS has been adopted to focus on the specific needs instead of the general ones.

Because of this, the market opportunities that were generalized and ignored initially will be paid attention to. Consequently, it is bound to create a lot of value for the end-users and businesses who focus on Niche SaaS development.

Demos, Videos, and VR Demonstration

The discovery and the process of purchase has been quicker than usual when it comes to customers who want to buy a product. Yet, it has been a general tendency that the customer wants to have a little more knowledge about the product before they can make a purchase.

Recently, a new standard surrounding the products has been introduced in the market. This involves demonstrations of the product in various ways, including videos. It talks about the product in a little detail which has become a necessary factor when it comes to digital products.

With such demonstrations for the product, the customer can quickly check the product and see if it fits their requirements. It is important to highlight the value your product offers because of the cut-throat competition in the market. Highlight every feature and benefit your product has to offer on the sales page, landing page, and home page of your product’s website.

Automated Customer Success

As the customer success process is automated, the user acquisition, engagement, and retention becomes easier. Also, customer success automation will play a very significant role in all this.

Customer success is a term where the customer understands the product you have to offer, sees how it brings value to your business and stays engaged with the product.

Your product can be successful if the customer is able to reach the goals he wants to, by using your product. To ensure that the customer stays with your business for a longer period of time, you have to see they don’t get disappointed at any point of time.

Also, in some situations, if a customer has questions, make sure that the automated processes are able to answer their questions. And this includes chatbots, onboarding of new clients, educational content that is easy to find, etc.

Data Enrichment

When it comes to SaaS, the data in the system is of utmost importance. Also, as the platforms have shifted the processes online, the users leave their data behind. Using this data, you can find new leads and acquire new customers.

In addition to this, you can also send personalized SaaS messages to your customers after analyzing this data. The process of data enrichment enables you to acquire additional information about the website visitors. This lets you have an in-depth knowledge of the behavior of your users.

Also, the processes can be carried out more efficiently and lets you target personalization which can lead to better marketing tactics and enhanced results.

Mutual Partnerships

These days, the applications work in tandem with each other. They are made in a way that they can share data among themselves. This has been helpful and advantageous to the customer. To make this more beneficial, the companies are joining hands to combine two or more customer’s favorite experiences.

With such thought processes, the companies look forward to making collaboration to reap larger benefits. The examples of these include softwares, applications, and also eCommerce stores. This helps in marketing the products to a greater extent. In addition to this, because of the co-branding concept, both the brands achieve each other’s audience to target a larger section of audience altogether.

With such collaboration being targeted, both the brands achieve higher sales that bring in significantly large volumes of profit. Moreover, so many companies offer affiliate programs and affiliate marketing to bring people in, with a large number of followers.

This can bring you new leads and customers by using the brand influencers to target their followers.

Push Notifications

Generally, the marketing strategies involve sending marketing emails to the customers on a regular basis. But, with the growing trends of changing marketing strategies, it is time to start using push notifications instead of emails.

Push notifications ensure that there are higher chances of customers opening the notifications. This is because the customer does not have to open the entire app or the app window to look at the notification which requires less work. In addition to this, a push notification seems to be more in context than sending large marketing emails to the customer.

No-Code Tools

SaaS is a concept where there is room for constant improvement and quick changes. Generally, the teams involved with the development are busy with the development process. As the no-code tools are introduced, the introduction of new updates and processes don’t require coding. This makes it easier for the teams to upgrade or incorporate new features without learning a single thing about the coding.

As such tools are increasing in the market, they are also being effectively used for marketing requirements like home page, email automation, and more.

Video Marketing

Videos have taken over the marketing platforms over the last few years and have managed to outperform the marketing tactics. YouTube has been the main reason behind the videos being so popularized. The marketers that prefer videos, have a revenue rise by 49% quicker than the ones who don’t use videos.

Top 10 SaaS Product Marketing Trends for 2021 3

Videos are seen to be more engaging than any other form of media. Hence, the businesses have begun working with branded promotional videos. The promotional videos are shot and are posted on social media platforms to engage the target audiences. But, video production can come out to be expensive when they are professionally shot.

Well, the good news is, there are so many tools available in the market. So, marketers can shoot promotional videos without investing heavily in it.

Multi-channel marketing and sales

Every customer or an individual today is a part of so many social media platforms. The user skims through the news feed on each social media platform on a regular basis. Due to this, so many brands and businesses target their customers on various social media platforms. Thus, it becomes essential for your brand to have a very active social media channel where you can interact with your customer.

The brands these days are offering various offers on social media which the customer is taking an advantage of. Therefore, if you want to work on multi-channel marketing and sales, this is the right time to activate the profiles on social media. This will encourage a lot of customer engagement.

You can add posts to the social media that explain about your products or services and can help your customer understand every aspect of it.

SaaS product marketing trends are evolving since the introduction of the SaaS concept. Businesses need to learn how to market them effectively to make their product reach the right target audience.