Who doesn’t have a Facebook account? Maybe some of you don’t as active as before, but Facebook still has massive data to target your prospects and increase your brand awareness.

If you want to take advantage of the most popular social media platform, you should think about working with experienced Facebook agencies. 

How to use Facebook Ads for Marketing? 

Have you heard below the line marketing before? Facebook revolutionized advertising with its model in the social media era. Facebook knows our interests, likes, friends, age, where we live, etc.

The social media platform knows everything when it comes to segment us. Just consider the friend suggestion algorithm’s accuracy. It’s much more primitive than targeting algorithms for Facebook Business, although it demonstrates the power of data. With their advertising model, companies can correctly target the potential customers of them.

So, what makes Facebook unconventional thank most of the advertising platforms is data and relevancy. Of course, it’s valid for Instagram too, which acquired by Facebook in 2012. Agencies focusing on Instagram are also growing rapidly.

Retargeting is another method that you can implement to your digital marketing strategy with a Facebook agency. 

The other side of the coin is Facebook’s user base is shrinking, especially for the younger generation. However, today, 15 million fewer users are using Facebook compared to 2017 in the United States(12-34 years old demographic).

The platform still has massive potential for marketing and advertising. Of course this trend is meaningful and you should keep an eye on that. Therefore, you shouldn’t be only on Facebook but never give up on it.

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Top Facebook Agencies & Companies


Mayple is a digital agency that works with small and medium-sized businesses. The agency’s mission is, “Each business should access top experts and technology, just like big brands can.”


While big companies have large marketing budgets to access top talents and high-quality technology that delivers results, marketing is a much harder game for SMBs. So they are trying to solve this problem. They have a wide range of services, which includes social media and Facebook too.


The New York based brand-first creative agency Crafted always exploring the new, always innovating, with a focus on creative storytelling. It can be exactly what you need for your Facebook campaigns.

Their strategies will help your brand get noticed, shared and talked about. Social media is becoming more competitive every day and the agency has the know-how to get you the results your brand requires. Their services are not limited to content and social media marketing.


If you want to be successful on Facebook, you need stunning content. At that point, Luminary can assist you in reaching your audiences with an excellent content marketing strategy.


Australian based agency will conduct a workshop with your key stakeholders to develop content themes designed to address your business objectives and the needs of your target audiences. It will be based on an analysis of your user personas and customer lifecycle.

Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain offers creative marketing solutions since 2010. They are working on all three critical phases of a campaign successfully, ideation, production and action.

The Canadian full-service digital agency is proud of its social media team too. They rely on data to be successful on Facebook. Social media isn’t effective if the content isn’t landing with the right audience. Their social strategy team works to understand what’s working and what isn’t and to get your social media plan to where it needs to be.


Los Angeles based agency Isadora believes in the power of content to increase engagement and deepen loyal customer relationships. Their digital marketing team offers services for social media marketing. These services include exactly what you need for from a Facebook agency.

Their work starts with creating a strategy and they involve the whole process to till results reporting.

Search & Gather

Search & Gather grow companies with smart digital marketing. Paid social is now extremely important to startups and companies of all sizes to raise awareness, online leads, and revenue.


The Toronto based agency knows Facebook Ads are great for reaching a broad audience. However, major brands occupy massive impressions on this popular platform. We develop thoughtful creative and audience targeting to give you the conversions you need.

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Rabbit Studio

Rabbit Studio creates delightful experiences to amplify your business value. The Hong Kong based agency knows creating social strategy and managing content is crucial for brand awareness. They will guide you through the steps in setting up an excellent social identity and execute online promotion.

They demonstrate their expertise quickly by showing their great social media portfolio on their website.


Besides being a Facebook Marketing Partner, DIJGTAL call themselves “real problem solvers”. Their culture and collective mindset is the kind that embraces authenticity, demonstrates confidence, and crafts thought-provoking outcomes.

Their portfolio is displayed on their website, which includes their social media projects too.


DigiSalad is an innovative & professional digital agency that focuses on UX Strategy & UI Design and social media campaigns. Their aim is to create an amazing user experience and journey for the projects of their clients.

They are ready to create amazing Facebook marketing experiences based-on smart strategies.

First Page Digital

First Page is a full-service digital agency in Hong Kong and Singapore. Their team consists of strategic, technical and creative specialists who thrive on driving digital success for businesses of all kinds.

If you partner with them, you can conquer social media with Singapore’s most trusted Facebook marketing agency. Plus, you can get the advantage of their expertise in selecting the right content, creative design, target demographic, and budget to ensure that your brand succeeds in reaching customers with a high conversion rate.

Digital Business Lab

Digital Business Lab specializes in video production, influencer marketing, social media strategy and execution in Hong Kong, China and other Asian markets.

They explain their social media strategies very clearly on their website, where you can reach out to their projects as well.

Why should you work with a Facebook marketing agency?

Maybe you think I can spend the money on ads on Facebook rather than a Facebook agency. For a short term, perhaps you can get some quick wins, but in the long run, if you are not experienced or giving enough attention to the platform, your competitors will surpass you. Because the platform is dynamic, and like Google Updates for search engine optimization, you shouldn’t overlook Facebook’s changes.

In previous years, you can drive traffic to your website more efficiently from the leading social media platform, and you don’t need an expert maybe. If you had enough creativity, you could find a way. Now it’s not enough.

We can assume that a Facebook agency lower your ads cost and improve the efficiency of it. However, Facebook’s team makes it very easy to use; it’s not the same used by you or by an experienced digital marketing agency. In addition, Facebook groups can be counted as new in this game.

Using Facebook Groups as a Marketing Strategy

“We believe that there is a community for everyone. So we’ve been working on a major evolution to make communities as central as friends.”

It’s from Mark Zuckerberg’s speech at Facebook’s annual F8 conference.


Year by year, Facebook decreased the organic impressions of posts from Pages. Therefore, the only way to reach your followers from pages is by buying these impressions. Facebook’s company value proves most of the companies are willing to do that.

The problem is the cost of a click or an impression. So, if you haven’t done yet, you should think about focusing groups with successful Facebook agencies.

Social media agencies with proven success on Facebook can cut cost per lead and manage your accounts with the right tone of voice. If you want to reach your target audience at the right time with the right message, you can start to contact industry leading Facebook agencies.